The left side should be plain text rather than looking to be an input

The left side should be plain text rather than looking to be an input


Checked it out, and I believe you made a mistake with the maximum hit on calculations. Max hit on hydra using a tbow is an 83 and the max hit your calculator says 34 which will greatly affect the general DPS calculation.I'm gont figure that you forgot to add arrows. They help a great deal as well as with murdering the boss in game.Just out of RS gold curiosity, what's the current DPS calculator people are currently using? I have been using one that hasn't been updated in quite a very long time and I am wondering if that's even the others utilize.

Skill boosts are not calculated properly. Potions give but they are currently providing +20. When it 13 +14 is being given by divine at 99. Overloads are currently providing +20 at 99, but overload + gives +21 at 99. Magic boosts are being weird and showing boosts with decimals, like heart giving 10.9 additional amounts. Would like for there to be a manual skill input too. The scores are working well right now, but it'd make this unworthy if they are to go down. It's also wonderful to be able to quickly work out how many levels you want to gain to get a maximum hit with your setup. Combat degree isn't being calculated either. Max players have level 126.1 but it is being exhibited as 125.87 for some reason.

Thank you for spotting these problems! Ive pushed out a new construct that resolves them: Looks like the wiki calculations for overloads are incorrect (0.15 + 5 rather than 0.16 + 6), I've upgraded them to the appropriate calculations. Combat levels should also be calculating correctly. Ill get ability lookup added in tomorrowthe lookup on the webpage does store locally so once the highscores return the downtime should alleviate! It changed the potion when I changed my potions on one loadout. This is annoying when comparing range vs melee for example. Great work keep it up!

The left side should be plain text rather than looking to be an input. The behaviour around input should modify. If you do not search for a player it tells you there is not a player and makes you hunt one. This resets the stats, so which makes you enter them all over again. Ideally, it should not ask that you hit the search button if there is a participant not found, and it shouldn't reset stats.

Coming back to the, its so simple and quick to work with, I always found using Bitterkoekje's DPS calculator was a bit laggy sometimes, and at times it would'break' so I would need to make a new copy, although he did a fantastic job making it, but not here! I've even found gear setups which provide better DPS which I would never have even thought about because it appears at first glance they would have been worse. And the cheap RuneScape gold fact you have a visual of your equipment, and trimmed along with ornamant versions of the items, even though it doesnt change anything, makes this so cool to use.

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